Clogging Repair Services

For fast and affordable drain cleaning service in Pierce County or King Count call the drain cleaning experts at Wright Now Plumbing at (253) 904-0064 . No matter where the clog is located in your home or what the cause of the clog is, our skilled plumbers are fully trained and capable of unclogging any drain quickly and efficiently.

If you own a home or business in King or Pierce County, you are likely to have a clogged drain at some time or another. A clog can occur in the main sewer line or in one of the many secondary lines that come from your kitchen and bathroom. There are several reasons drains and sewers clog. Reasons for a main sewer line clog include tree roots, feminine products, paper towels and thicker toilet paper. However, in the kitchen sink, it is common for grease, food particles and soap to build up inside your pipes and cause a blockage or a slow-moving drain. In bathrooms, sinks, showers and tubs can be slow to empty or become clogged with hair, dirt, oil and soap, while toilets are usually blocked up with toilet paper, tampons and even small objects or toys. Regardless of the reason, you need the help of a reliable plumber to professionally assess the situation and identify the drainage issue, so that your drain can be cleared and cleaned properly the first time!